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Our Uniforms

Norman’s Uniforms  (online password is: 35525)
Lands End (preferred school code: 900160474)

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Daily Uniform Options: Please refer to the list below for options available for your child's daily uniform.

List of 7 items.

  • Tops:

    • Polo with PVS logo (White, Red, or Black )
    • White Oxford Dress Shirt with PVS logo
    • Red Polo Dress (Kindergarten and 1st Grade only)
  • Bottoms:

    • Khaki or Black uniform style pants, skirts/skorts or shorts
    • PVS Red Plaid Skirt
    • PVS Red Plaid Jumper (K-5 Students only)
  • Formal Dress:

    Formal uniforms are required for field trips, assemblies, performances, athletic game days, and other designated events With the exception of Preschool, students MUST wear appropriate neckwear with their formal dress attire. Additionally, black shoes and black belts (with pants only) are required.
    • Option 1: White Oxford Dress Shirt with PVS logo, Neckwear and Black Pants.
    • Option 2: White Oxford Dress Shirt with PVS logo, Neckwear and PVS Red Plaid Skirt.
    • Option 3: White Peter Pan Color Shirt, PVS Cross Neck Tie and PVS Red Plaid Jumper.
    • Option 4: (Kindergarten or Preschool Only) Red Polo Dress with PVS Logo.
    • Option 5: (Preschool Only) PVS Spirit Shirt with Black pants.
  • Approved Neckwear:

    • Cross Neck Tie (Norman’s)
    • Striped Long Tie (Norman’s)
  • Seniors Only:

    • PVS Senior Red Striped Tie
  • Cold Weather Outerwear:

    In colder weather students may choose to wear a PVS approved V or crew neck sweater, cardigan, fleece, jacket, sweatshirt or Official PVS Lettermans Jacket. Outerwear other than listed above is not permitted. Outerwear is for outside wear only. Students who are wearing a PVS Sweatshirt or other PVS outerwear must still have an appropriate uniform shirt underneath.
  • Shoes, Socks, Leggings, Belts and Accessories:

    Shoes should be safe and practical for a variety of daily activities and look appropriate to the uniform that is required. No “Jellies,” open-back shoes, high heels, dress boots, or shoes with wheels and/or excessive embellishments (including glitter or light-up features). Lower School students are required to wear athletic shoes with non-marking soles daily. The only exception for this is formal dress days. Socks and/or leggings may be worn as appropriate to weather. We require Preschool and Lower School students who wear skirts or dresses to wear shorts or leggings for privacy and sanitary reasons. Hats and sunglasses may be worn on campus while students are outdoors, but they must be removed while they are indoors.
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