The Omier Family:
PVS Embraces Diversity

The Mission and Core Values at Palm Valley School (PVS) are to “educate, nurture, and challenge" each student so they can "achieve academic excellence and contribute to a global society.” PVS lives and breathes...

The Watsons:
Quality Education, Emphasis on Fun

Preschool, as a Hummingbird in 2011, began our Son's education at Palm Valley School. When we first came to Palm Valley, we had a wait-and-see attitude regarding our long-term plans with the school. Since I work mos...

The Werner Family:
From Alumna to Parent

I chose Palm Valley as the foundation for my son’s education because as an alumna, I know firsthand the unparalleled sense of community, education, and individual support the school provides to each student. I still reme...

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