Weekly Notes from the Head of Upper School, 6/6

Dear Upper School Families,

After many lively conversations recently about what is the right amount of screen time for kids, I was inspired this week to write one more educational message to parents before the end of the year. I was watching Apple’s Keynote on the launch of their new iOS for mobile devices. What a world we now live in, technologically! While not everyone uses an iPhone, most of the great features that roll out on one platform are inevitably adopted by other providers. This week Apple announced a new feature in their iOS called “Screen Time.” Screen Time is a way for individuals to measure the amount of time they spend on different apps and websites. On a family share group, this same app can be used to track the amount of time that kids are spending on various apps and activities, and even to limit the amount of time they spend. I’m sure my students won’t appreciate my sharing this with you, but I just couldn’t resist. I’m glad that we’re all engaged in a conversation about what is an appropriate amount of screen time for kids, and have tools available to us as adults, and parents to help us address appropriate use.

A last request to all Upper School families to attend, and encourage your children to attend, our annual graduation and promotion ceremony. As you know, this is one of the largest annual traditions of our school. The way we continue to offer such a large celebration of our graduating class is by having all current students attend. If you hope that graduation will continue to be a big school celebration when it is your child’s turn, supporting it now is a great way to work towards this goal.

Click here to view the graduation information flyer with details on everything you need to know to be prepared. All 9th - 11th grade students must wear dress uniform. We encourage all families to join us in celebrating our 5th and 8th grade Promotions, and our Class of 2018 Graduation. Join us tomorrowJune 7th at the beautiful JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort, Springs Ballroom, Salon C at 6 pm. Students who have been selected to carry banners have been notified by email. Please speak to Ms. Steinman if you have any questions about our ceremony.

To pre-order your Class of 2018 Graduation photos, click here. Cap and gown photos will be taken prior to the ceremony.

Student Drivers
It is spring, and that means we have NEW DRIVERS joining the ranks of our Upper School student body. Congratulations to all of those students who have recently passed their driver’s exams and been licensed by the State of California! Please remember that students that wish to drive themselves to school, and park on campus, must complete the Driver’s form and have their parents sign it. It should be submitted with a copy of the student’s driver’s license and insurance card. You can request a copy of the form from Mrs. Sholander, who can provide it digitally via email, or hard copy at the front desk of the Upper School.

College Bootcamp
Our College Bootcamp is happening the week of June 18th, topics covered include SAT prep, writing the college essay, preparing scholarship applications, and an inside look into the admissions process. Sign up early to secure your student’s place in this valuable workshop. To sign up, click HERE.

Important Dates and Reminders
6/6 - Senior Sunset Hike - 7:00 pm
6/7 - Graduation - 6:00pm
6/8 - EOY Awards/Slideshows - 8:30 am - Gym
6/22 - June Mailing Goes Out

Ms. Steinman
Head of Upper School