Weekly Notes from Head of Upper School, 9/18

Dear Upper School Families,

I have enjoyed witnessing the students’ high levels of motivation, involvement, and growth in their academic journeys, their inspiring community service activities, and their dedication to out-of-school commitments.  Your support as families for your students is also inspiring. As the year progresses, please do not hesitate to reach out to your student’s advisor or teachers for news on academic progress or for support at school. As we get closer to our Student-Led conferences, communication between school and home is key to a successful student conversation.

If your student is absent, or going to be absent, please send an email to Ms. Sholander and cc your student’s Advisor and myself.  Attending school on a regular basis is directly connected to high levels of student achievement. Emergencies, illness, and other events do come up, and we want to be supportive.  Letting us know when your student is gone also allows for teachers to be prepared to help them make up for any missed activities.

Come out and support our sports’ teams.  Cross Country has two league meets upcoming.  Additionally, your support for the Volleyball team and our athletes is appreciated.  

Spirit Store
The Palm Valley Spirit Store is open on Tuesdays from 2:00-3:30pm.  It is a great place to find all the Palm Valley gear you need to show your Firebird pride.

Annual Fund
Each year, the Palm Valley School community contributes to the education of our Firebirds.  There is always a 100% participation from members of the Board of Trustees and from PVS staff members showing their Firebird pride.  This annual fund is important to our students and families at Palm Valley. Please remember to submit your contribution, or gift in kind.  

Senior Parking Space Painting
This annual senior event will take place on Saturday, September 28th, from 7:30-12:30pm.  I am sure the seniors’ paintings will be amazing. Check out the finished product after their hard work. The spaces are located across from staff parking near the Lower School.

School Forms Online
Please remember to submit all required school forms to Ms. Sholander in the Upper School front office.  We encourage all families to utilize MyBackpack to complete applicable forms required by Palm Valley School. Such forms as "Use of Technology Agreement" or "Driver Forms" can all be completed online - no paper necessary.

All parents/guardians should have a MyBackpack WebID and be able to login and see MyDocuments. Forms to complete will be shown as "New.” Once they are completed they will be submitted to Administrative Assistants for approval. Any questions or concerns may be directed to Mr. Kisling at gkisling@pvs.org

This Fall, the Middle School Drama class of thirteen 7th and 8th grade actors has taken on an award-winning play called 12 ANGRY JURORS, which is a challenging piece of theater to stage for the Palm Valley Community.  The set is pretty simple.

However, we need help to provide some special needs:

  • a water cooler that dispenses water from a hand spigot
  • an 8’ h. by 20’ w free standing wall with a central standard door that opens toward the audience. THIS IS THE CRUCIAL ELEMENT OF THE SET!
  • a wall clock above the door
  • a paper cup dispenser attached to the wall
  • a free-standing lightly framed window casement 5 feet up, off the floor

If you…or some generous person you know…has the time, the resources, or the connections to help us to create this set for our play, please contact Mr. Ken Sarkis at ksarkis@pvs.org

Upcoming Dates:
9/18, 9/26, 9/30-College Admissions Visit for students
9/17 Volleyball Match at HOME - 5:30pm
9/18 Wine Down Wednesday at Acqua California Bistro from 5pm-7pm
9/20-9/22 Freshman Retreat
9/23 New Families Coffee with Mrs. Rice - 8:15am
9/24 Volleyball Match at HOME - 5:30pm
9/24 Cross County League Meet - 4:00pm
9/26 MUS Kickbasket - 2:35pm
9/27 Buddy Assembly
10/01 Cross County League Meet - 4:00pm
10/03 Coachella Valley Regional College and Career Fair - 5:00-8:00pm
In the Ballroom-Agua Caliente Resort Rancho Mirage

Dr. McLachlan
Head of Upper School