Another Open Letter to Palm Valley Community, 5/1

May 1 st, 2020

Dear Palm Valley School Friends and Family:

The Palmer-Yang Family is extending to you and your families, our wishes of safety and good health. Many of you, like our family, have made adjustments to our lives with the boundaries set for us with the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no doubt that everyone has had challenges in our daily life, however, there has been one constant we have counted on…Palm Valley School and the incredibly dedicated teachers and administration.

From day one, Monday, March 16th, 2020, PVS has not skipped a beat in keeping our kids in their educational realm and setting structure when other areas of their lives stopped. Without failure, each school day, each week there is PVS to look forward for guidance, and feedback. Our children will not have to be back peddling and trying to catch up in the fall when they move up a grade. At this tender age, every moment is a learning moment and every moment they are not engaged in learning activities or connecting with their teacher is lost time and opportunity. Thank you, PVS for creating and fostering the connection that gives our children a learning and caring community; and giving them the stability that is needed so much at this critical time.

Our family hopes to see each and every one of you when school opens in the fall, and we will be one big Firebird Family again in person. We miss our school, friends, teachers, and the people that make PVS truly the most special learning environment in the Coachella Valley.

Thank you for reading this letter, and please join us in continuing to support our institution and the dedicated teachers that keep us going every day even in this confusing time. Please reach out to our wonderful teachers with a big THANK YOU during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4th to May 8th ). We may not be there to give flowers, food, gifts, and hugs, but we are grateful from the bottom of our hearts.

Please take care and be safe and until we meet again…love, peace and good health.

With warmest wishes,

The Palmer-Yang Family
Wyatt, Kimberley, and Erik