Announcement from Head of School, 5/5






Dear Palm Valley Community:

Nobody could have predicted a few months ago that we would be where we are today! Phrases such as “Essential Workers” and “Social Distancing” are now part of our regular vocabulary. Despite the current landscape of uncertainty, I am excited to begin my tenure as Head of School at Palm Valley. The aspects of our school community that drew me in and made me fall in love are still present: a Firebird community that is caring, welcoming, and exceptionally talented.

I have begun my job at full speed and am looking forward to partnering with the Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff to collectively solve the considerable challenges that we face today. I am a believer that communication is often an effective way to minimize anxiety and uncertainty. To that end, you can expect regular Monday communications from me where I will keep you updated on important decisions regarding end of year events, summer plans, and the status of the opening of school this fall. While things appear tentative today, I am confident that we will have a clearer picture in the coming weeks and I am committed to keeping you as informed as possible. One thing will always remain – the safety and well-being of our children and employees are of paramount concern as we strive to meet your educational needs.

At this time in a normal school year, we would be looking forward to AP Exams, end of the year celebrations, and summer plans. While these annual markers have changed slightly, we still cling to items that remind us of our not so distant “normalcy’. As many of you know, today is ‘Giving Tuesday’ amidst a week called Teacher Appreciation Week. Would you please consider giving your child’s favorite teachers a comforting and supportive email or note letting them know how much you appreciate their care for your children. I know that they would really appreciate hearing from you!

A mentor of mine once advised me to “never waste a crisis”. With that in mind, I am eagerly collecting ways in which this current pandemic will help shape a better and healthier Palm Valley for you, our students, and our staff. Thank you for your continued trust and understanding.

I am eagerly anticipating our work together…

Go Firebirds!!

Dr. Steve Sherman
Head of School
Palm Valley School