Announcement From Head Of School, 3/5

“There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.” - Gandhi

Dear Palm Valley School community,

It is my great honor and privilege as Head of School to share important news with you. While this news is bittersweet for so many of us, it is with a spirit of great joy and heartfelt congratulations that I share with you the news that Mr. Alastair Gilmour is officially retiring at the end of this school year. This is a  well-deserved and hard earned occasion for Alastair and his family! He let me know officially this week and asked that I make an announcement on his behalf. 

Alastair, or “Al” as he is known, has been a staple at Palm Valley School for 33 years this spring. He began his tenure at Palm Valley School in 1987. Prior to teaching at Palm Valley School, Mr. Gilmour earned a degree in physical education and was an elementary educator in his native England, and came to the United States for a few years to teach as a Fulbright Scholar in Bishop, CA. After teaching 4th grade for 29 years, he finally made the move into the Physical Education department just a few years ago to pursue his passion for soccer and athletics. Alastair has held many roles at Palm Valley School including having been the first-ever high school Soccer coach at Palm Valley. He has served on committees and been a critical part of the Faculty and Staff in more ways that any of us could attempt to quantify. His influence and contributions here have been tremendous.

Anyone who has worked with Alastair knows his dry sense of humor, his love of his family, his passion for athletics, and the impact he has had on the students at Palm Valley School. Many of our alumni remember and reflect on Alastair as one of their favorite previous teachers or coaches, including one of his current colleagues and former PVS high school athletes, Jennifer Clark ‘92, who still cites Coach Gilmour as one of her all-time favorite coaches!

We are so grateful for Mr. Gilmour’s many years of service at Palm Valley School. His impact on our community through his inspiring, passionate, and innovative teaching cannot be quantified. I hope that you will all join me this spring, at a date to be announced at a later time, to formally celebrate and congratulate Alastair on this momentous occasion. Congratulations, Mr. Gilmour - you will be missed! 

Susan Rice
Head of School