An Open Letter to The Palm Valley Community, 5/1

To Our PV Family,

As parents, we want to express how impressed we are with several aspects of the Palm Valley School during this difficult time.  When the pandemic hit, Palm Valley seamlessly transitioned to distance learning.  While other schools locally are still struggling to have any meaningful educational experience, our school has continued with the school year unfazed.  Perhaps even more important than the continued high level of teaching is the meaningful connections between the students and the teachers that have continued or even strengthened during this time. In a time where children across the nation are struggling to cope with the loneliness of this isolation, our children have been in a daily normal routine of social and intellectual engagement.   Our son, Levi, has been thrilled to continue with an elective Tea Club, which Mr. Killeen has graciously and enthusiastically led as a faculty advisor.  These little things all add up to a continued much-needed sense of community which helps keep our children mentally as well as intellectually healthy.

We are also extraordinarily impressed by the college successes of this year's graduating Seniors.  They have a matriculation list that would be the envy of the best private schools in the nation with students going to Stanford, John's Hopkins, UC Berkeley, USC, and Middlebury amongst many other great schools.  With our child now entering High School next year this is extremely encouraging as we know that that past college acceptance success is really the only reliable predictor of future admission successes

We are writing this letter unsolicited by the school.  Our family truly hopes that those of you on the fence about returning to Palm Valley next year are reminded of how well our school has done in educating the hearts and minds of our children during this unprecedented challenging time.  We would be hard-pressed to find a more successful outcome in the nation, let alone the Coachella valley, in preparing and sending our children off to great Colleges and Universities in a safe and nurturing environment.

We look forward to many further great years together at Palm Valley.


Andrew and Audrey Kassinove