A Message from the Head of Preschool

Preschool families,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! I am so happy to have all our students back on campus and eager to start the school year. You may have noticed the several different attachment styles of each child as they enter our buildings. Some students are able to walk in and not look back at their families and others are holding on and not wanting to let go. I want to assure all of our families that this is completely normal and we expect it. We are here to help! Some students need consistent hugs and reassurance and that is OK. We are starting to create a bond with your children so they feel safe and secure while at school, you will start to see our students become more comfortable at drop-off as time goes by.

This last week, we launched our new Second Step Social-Emotional Curriculum in our classrooms. Our students learned about different ways to welcome someone new to their classroom and how to help other children feel that they belong in the classroom with a little help from their classroom puppets. I am very excited to launch this new curriculum and see the growth in our students this school year.

E10 Back to School Night Recap

We had a great turnout for our E10 Back to School Night! Thank you to our Quail, Coyote, and Jackrabbit families who were able to attend. Our teachers took time to plan this night and answer any questions you may have had about this coming school year. If you couldn’t make it, please email your child’s teacher for information that was given out that night.

Pizza Fridays

Pizza Fridays are BACK! Yay! All pizza orders must be prepaid at the start of the school year. We will start serving pizza on September 10th. Attached to this message is a Pizza Friday Form, please have it filled out and have either cash or check turned in before August 25th. We will not be allowing refunds when it comes to pizza orders. Pizza will also not be served on minimum days. Please note that our Preschool will only be serving cheese pizza and not pepperoni. Below are the prices for the entire school year.

1 slice of pizza per week $70

2 slices of pizza per week $140

3 slices of pizza per week $210

Coyote and Jackrabbits Buddies

On Tuesday, our students in the Coyote and Jackrabbit class will be meeting their buddies for the first time in the afternoon right after nap time. These buddies will be assigned to our students and we will be meeting up with our buddies about every month or so to do some fun activities on campus. Our Coyote classroom is paired up with our 6th graders on campus and our Jackrabbits are paired up with our 4th-grade class!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me directly! Here’s to a wonderful school year with our amazing families!


Upcoming Events

Monday, September 6th- Labor Day (CAMPUS CLOSED)

Tuesday, September 7th- Virtual PA Meeting 9:00 am- 10:00 am

Wednesday, September 8th- All School Picture Day (Spirit Shirts)

Friday, September 10th- Pizza Day


Mrs. Kaira Nayfack