The Gray Family: A Military Family Perspective

Moving across the country gave us an interesting challenge when finding a school for our then toddler, Charlotte. We researched several schools across the Coachella Valley and were beyond impressed by Palm Valley School. Upon our first visit during the Science Open house, we were blown away by not only the beautiful campus and amazing resources, but the remarkably friendly and welcoming teachers and administrators. We were able to tour the entire school and see everything from the AR Sandbox to the well-equipped gym to the garden that the Pre-K planted and maintains. A balanced schedule of outdoor play, learning, and even outdoor learning was something we had not found in any other school. It's incredible to see toddlers and young kids always so engaged, even in play!

Being a military family, we are used to a small, tight-knit community. We were unsure if going to a school in an area without a large military population would be able to offer that. However, we have experienced the tight-knit community we were in search of and have been fulfilled by our Firebird family in this way. The parents are always remarkably helpful to each other and very hands-on with school activities. Deployment gave us some new obstacles, but her teachers and the administration were exceptionally understanding. They helped her with coping strategies and made sure to offer extra attention on days she missed her dad. Attending the annual Veteran's Day event showed us how much the school truly appreciates and honors those who have served, past and present.

Every day when we drop Charlotte off, she is greeted with warm hellos and hugs from not only her teachers but everyone in the Preschool and Pre-K. She races to hug her teachers before starting her day in class, and she constantly asks to go to school on the weekends and holidays. PVS has truly become her second home where she has matured and grown into an enthusiastic student.

- Justin, Mary & Charlotte Gray

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