The Jones Family: 9 Years and Counting

After we moved to the Coachella Valley, we visited Palm Valley School for a tour based on its solid reputation as an excellent private, college-preparatory school that offers preschool through high school. Our very first visit was so warm and welcoming. We could see that the children were happy and engaged in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our daughter has attended Palm Valley School since preschool and is now in the fifth grade. We are going on ten years at the school!

The Jones Family

Since that first year, our daughter has been engaged, encouraged, challenged, and motivated by the dedicated and caring faculty daily. In the past year, Palm Valley School has incorporated the idea of growth mindset for its students and faculty. In our personal experience, this encouragement to embrace growth mindset has led to increased motivation and achievement by our child. She has developed a strong academic foundation coupled with a sense of global citizenship. The school encourages cultural diversity through events such as The Peace Pole Project.

Her involvement in Student Council fosters independence and strengthens character which includes a responsibility to self and others. She has learned public speaking from an early age and can easily speak to an audience with confidence and eloquence.

The impact of technology on our lives, culture, and society continues to increase, and the school prepares its students with challenging yet fun technology classes which include 3-D printing and our unique AR Sandbox. The impressive and encompassing academic and arts programs continue to evolve and grow stronger with guidance by the forward-thinking administration. The small class sizes and individualized attention have been a tremendous benefit to our child.

She looks forward to each school day as she loves learning, her friends, and teachers. She loves her school! Palm Valley is an outstanding school focused on meeting the needs - educational, social, emotional - of its students.

-Dr. Henry, Christa & Lily Jones

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