Ways to Give


All are valued at Palm Valley School. Our community benefits in multiple ways when parents volunteer in the classroom, as Trustees, to serve on Board Committees, as part of the Parent Association, and offer their expertise on the athletic fields and in the arts. Equally, we value your Annual Fund and other financial support.

The Annual Fund is critical to our success. It enables us to invest in important new initiatives outlined in our Strategic Plan (Vision 2020) as well as our CAIS Recommendations from our recent re-accreditation visit.  It supports our faculty as they innovate and create new programs. It helps ensure that our campus and buildings are taken care of an support optimal learning. There are a number of ways to give this year.


The Annual Fund supports our students, faculty, and programs in ways that tuition does not cover. The Annual Fund makes up 4-6% of our budget each year. It provides additional equipment, program costs, teacher professional development opportunities, tuition assistance, and more. We have an expectation that all families will contribute to the Annual Fund as they are able. While most Independent Schools can say that 90-100% of their families contribute, we have been very fortunate to have reached a 60% participation rate from our families in 2018-19 - an increase of 30% over the last four years. We are hoping to surpass that number in the coming year! You can donate here.


Occasionally, families wish to provide a lasting gift to the school in the form of an endowment. Endowment funds are invested, and the investment returns are utilized according to the wishes of the contributors. For example, endowment funds are often used to finance scholarships or to assist in the financial support of students who would be unable to attend otherwise.

Many new tax incentives and estate planning devices have been developed in the last few years, intended to encourage charitable giving as part of tax planning. While we do not have tax specialists on staff, we can certainly provide families information about planned giving options and then direct them to specialists who can provide insight into options that might meet their needs.


In the difficult economic environment parents face today, finding creative methods and unlocking new opportunities to help meet important family obligations is critical. Sending your children to a top private school like Palm Valley School is an investment that will pay lifelong dividends for them, whether they are in kindergarten or in high school, but the investment can be substantial, and occasionally pose financial hardships.


An often overlooked method to fund tuition is through direct payment of the tuition by persons other than parents, such as Grandparents, other family members, friends, or mentors. In this strategy, there are significant tax advantages applicable to the donor and to the recipient. Provided these payments are made directly to PVS, they are not subject to gift tax or the normal annual gifting limits. This means grandchildren can receive annual gifts of $12,000 per individual donor, as well as tuition payments made directly to their school without tax consequence. Additionally, these payments do not count against the donor's lifetime estate tax exclusion. This is significant because taxable gifts and estates are currently taxed at the Federal rate of 45%, making that the highest individual tax rate currently in effect.