This year's Middle School Play is a musical performance of Disney's Alice in Wonderland, Jr. Join precocious and curious Alice as she chases the frustrated rabbit down the hole to discover an adventure that is altogether fantastical and memorable. Shrink and grow with her as she finds entertainment, mystery, and knowledge in her encounters with talking flowers, marching playing cards, a pipe-smoking caterpillar, a Cheshire cat, a Mad Hatter, Tweedle Dee and Dum, and the frighteningly bizarre Queen of Hearts. 31 talented singing and dancing Middle School actors and actresses under the direction of Mr. Gahnz and Mr. Sarkis, will bring it all to musical life, this Spring, on stage at Palm Valley School.

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Please join the Palm Valley Choirs for a concert of songs of the Season. The concert is presented for two nights, Wednesday, December 20 and Thursday, December 21. 7:00 pm in the MPR. Featuring our Middle and Upper School students in Vocal Music Elective and Select Choir.

Tickets: Adults $10.00 and Students $5.00, General Seating - Purchase HERE

PVS Presents The Crucible




This year's Upper School Play is a performance of The Crucible. This show is rated PG-13 and may contain material that is unsuitable for children under 13.

Hysteria costs innocent lives in The Crucible. Arthur Miller based the play on the historical Salem witch trials and drew inspiration from the second Red Scare, a period in United States history when Senator Joseph McCarthy falsely accused many citizens of having communist ties. Miller depicts how mass hysteria can destroy entire communities for no real reason.

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