SEED Program

Palm Valley School is committed to providing an educational environment that actively promotes diversity and equity in its student body, fosters cultural competence in its faculty and staff, and seeks to instill in students an appreciation for and understanding of the range of human differences.

National SEED Project

palm-valley-private-school-seed-programAs part of our strategic plan described in Vision 2020, we wanted to create space for authentic conversations with parents, families, and faculty surrounding the topics of diversity. Since 2016, Palm Valley School has partnered with the National SEED Project to promote equity and inclusion within the school and the local community of the Coachella Valley. The National SEED Project ( is dedicated to creating conversational communities to drive personal, organizational, and societal change toward greater equity and diversity. Our values of Diversity, Responsibility to Self and Others, and Inquiry and Exploration are very present in our work with SEED.

Through personal reflection and testimony, listening to others' voices, and learning experientially and collectively, SEED equips us to connect our lives to one another and to society at large by acknowledging systems of oppression, power, and privilege—and challenges us to push for positive change. At SEED, we value all voices so we can, in turn, better value the voices of our students.

Our SEED Leaders: Ms. Susie Zachik & Ms. Jennifer Clark