Weekly Notes from the Preschool Director, 11/8

Dear Preschool Families,

I hope you have felt that early morning chill in the air. November is here and we have started a new theme in all of the classrooms: “Our Desert.” Children are learning about prickly pears, cactus leaves, and ocotillos. It is wonderful to see our children appreciate our native surroundings and recognize our desert landscapes. Feel free to stop by our classrooms and ask our students to tell you all about their displays and active science centers.

It is with a saddened heart that we say goodbye to our Quail classroom lead, Ms. Zeldin. Ms. Zeldin announced her resignation this month. Her last day is November 15. She has been a part of our PVS family for 5 years and will be missed! Please join me in wishing her a fond farewell and good luck in her future endeavors. The position has been posted and we will be interviewing candidates to fill her spot as soon as we are able.

Veteran’s Day Assembly: This Friday, November 10, at 9:00 am, we will hold our annual Veteran’s Day Assembly. All families and community members are invited to attend. Families in attendance, feel free to visit the Lower School for complimentary coffee from the Parent Association. Please be advised that all students are required to wear formal dress uniform. Refer to the Handbook for Students and Families, if you are unsure about the formal dress uniform requirements. Arrive early for the best seating. If you arrive after 8:45 amplease take your child to the gym and a staff member will receive them there. I will have the After-Care cell to receive calls at 760-610-3791. Crickets will not be participating in this event.

Friday and Monday Free Dress: Please have children wear comfortable clothing that follows the dress code. Shorts should be knee length and tops should cover what a t-shirt covers.

Request: When children go to the doctor for immunization and annual physicals please stop by my office with your forms so that I may make a copy.

Box tops and plastic water bottles: Please continue your donations, we greatly appreciate all of your support!

Coffee with Mrs. Rodriguez & Mrs. Chaffins: Our next meeting will be Friday, November 17th at 8:45 am, E-10 in the Pre-K building. Please join us if you can.

Mini Camp: Be sure to sign up for our Thanksgiving mini camp (November 20 - 22). Click here. 

Upcoming Events:
November 10: Veterans Day Assembly in the Gym 9:00 am. Dress uniform required.
November 28: Animal Samaritans PS 9:00 am PK 9:45 am
November 20-22: Thanksgiving mini camp. Sign up and tell a friend!

Mrs. Chavez-Rodriguez
Preschol Director