Message from Parent Association, 5/8

Dear Palm Valley Parents –

It’s been a while, so we wanted to touch base and say hello!

First, we hope that all of the Palm Valley families are staying safe and healthy.  We’ve been faced with unprecedented circumstances and we know that each of you have had to make many changes and sacrifices during these times.  Our school has done an amazing job of transitioning to online learning and of keeping us informed.  We are sending out a big “Thank You” to the Palm Valley Teachers, the Administration and the Board of Trustees.  Your efforts are appreciated!

Secondly, we want officially close out the Parent Association’s 2019-2020 year.  We are disappointed that we had to cancel the rest of our annual events for this school year including Grandparents Day, our St Patrick’s fundraiser, Teacher Appreciation gifts, Flapjacks for Families and our classroom Year-End Parties.  Up until the school’s closure, we had a very successful year with our events including the Fall Festival, Hot Chocolate Event, Valentine’s Day Bake Sale, Teacher’s Luncheon and more.  We want to sincerely thank those PA members who have served for many years, but will not be returning next year.  We appreciate all that you have done for Palm Valley and will miss you!

Lastly, we want to look forward.  Although when and how our school will reopen has yet to be determined, we are excited for the upcoming year!  The PA will have multiple open seats to fill, so please consider joining us.  Moving forward, we plan to carry on some of our current traditions and events, but we also want to come up with new ideas for our students and families.  We would love your input on this.  Once we have more clarity on the details for next year, we will be in touch again to invite you to be involved.

Please contact us at if you have any questions, needs or ideas.  Thank you!

Theresa Hall & Briana Jordan
Parent Association