Weekly Notes from the Head of Middle School, 9/18

Dear Middle School Families,

Thank you to all who came to Back to School Night last Thursday. The evening was a success and I was so proud of our student volunteers who helped guide parents and keep us all on schedule! I look forward to seeing you all again at Student Led Conferences on October 9th, when you will have the chance to go in depth with Advisory teachers regarding your student’s academics.

Here is some information about the upcoming middle school trips:

The Bully Plays
We are still looking for parent drivers for our middle school students to attend a drama production held at CV Rep Theatre. Seats have been reserved for us Wednesday, September 25th and the play begins at 10am. We would need to leave school by 9:30am and we should be back no later than 11:30am. If you are able to drive, please contact the Middle School administrative assistant, Sarai at sjimenez@pvs.org.

6th grade trip to CIMI
The Catalina Island Marine Institute at Toyon Bay is an outdoor education science camp providing students with experiences that build self-esteem and self-confidence. Students will learn the basic concepts of marine science and island ecology. The trip is planned for Wednesday, October 16th - Friday, October 18th. Permission forms will be coming home this week, please return those to Sarai at the Middle School front desk by Friday, Oct. 4th.

7th Grade Trip to Pathfinder Ranch
This excursion is an Outdoor Education Program providing safe and meaningful learning experiences intent on building conservation awareness and confidence in becoming responsible global citizens. Pathfinder offers academic and recreational classes that help build communication and problem solving skills and perseverance. This trip is planned for Monday, October 21st - Wednesday, October 23rd. Forms are due Friday Oct. 4th to Sarai at the Middle School front desk.

8th Grade Trip to Lake Mead Recreational Area
Scheduled for Tuesday, October 1 - Friday, October 4th.   The 8th grade class will be camping and canoeing along the Colorado River starting at Hoover Dam and ending at the Willow Beach campsite. Students will develop interpersonal dynamics, outdoor skills, self-reliance, and confidence while creating unforgettable friendships and relationships with peers and adults through shared experiential activities. The first deposit for this trip was due Friday, September 13thStudents can still sign up, however! School permission slips and final payment is due Monday, September 23rd.

Student Led Conferences
Student Led Conferences are coming up Wednesday, October 9th. There will be no regular classes scheduled on this day. Your student’s advisor will send an email with details on how to set up an appointment.

This Fall, the Middle School Drama class of thirteen 7th and 8th grade actors has taken on an award-winning play called 12 ANGRY JURORS, which is a challenging piece of theater to stage for the Palm Valley Community.  The set is pretty simple.

However, we need help to provide some special needs: 

  • a water cooler that dispenses water from a hand spigot
  • an 8’ h. by 20’ w free standing wall with a central standard door that opens toward the audience. THIS IS THE CRUCIAL ELEMENT OF THE SET!
  • a wall clock above the door
  • a paper cup dispenser attached to the wall
  • a free-standing lightly framed window casement 5 feet up, off the floor
If you…or some generous person you know…has the time, the resources, or the connections to help us to create this set for our play, please contact Mr. Ken Sarkis at ksarkis@pvs.org
Upcoming Dates:
9/18 - Wine Down Wednesday at Acqua California Bistro from 5pm-7pm
9/23 - New Family Coffee with Mrs. Rice - 8:15am - MPR
9/25 - Field Trip to the CV Rep Theatre for The Bully Plays performance - 9:30 departure
9/27 - All School Buddy Assembly - 8:20am - gym
9/28 - Open House - 10am - 12pm
10/9 - Student Led Conferences
10/14 - Professional Development Day - NO SCHOOLManny Mulé
Head of Middle School