The Kaminsky Family: Confidence and Community

As a past educator, my own children’s education is an absolute top priority. I visited many schools in the Coachella Valley before making a decision. We chose Palm Valley for the safe environment and quality education. What I didn’t realize at the time, was that Palm Valley would offer our family so much more. Kaminsky Family

Palm Valley has built confidence in our girls. I love dropping off our kindergartener and watching her run up and hug her teachers, the Head of the Lower School, and students across grade levels that she has developed lasting friendships with. I love that our shy little girl who used to cry through her dance class performances is now voluntarily signing up for the school’s talent show. The school’s multiple and awe-inspiring performances have exposed and allowed our girls to participate in music, dance, acting, and public speaking.

I love that Palm Valley celebrates diversity! I am so proud that my girls are growing up in a place where all types of relationships are celebrated. I am so proud that they learn about various cultures, holidays, and languages not only in class but also through their fellow classmates.

I love the friendships and business connections that my husband and I have made by having our girls at the school. Not only has this become a happy place for our girls to be, but also a place that my husband and I feel welcome and love actively participating. We have made a new circle of friends thanks to Palm Valley!

I love the faculty and staff! The teachers at Palm Valley not only provide quality curriculum, but they genuinely care. My daughters’ teachers feel more like family to us, they have become confidants to us that truly have our children’s best interest in mind. The small class sizes at Palm Valley allow these teachers to put in extra time and effort and it truly shows, both in my daughters’ behavior and their academic success. One of my favorite examples of this is when our bearded pet dragon passed away. Our girls were upset, and my daughter’s P.E. teacher voluntarily took time to speak with her and help her understand her first experience with death. It truly meant the world to our daughter and us.Kaminsky silly photo

I am so proud of the little people our girls are becoming and attribute much of that to one of their favorite places: Palm Valley School!

-Ethan, Kristin, Emersen & Reagan Kaminsky

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