New Uniform Policy, Message from Mrs. Fisher

Dear Lower School Families,

We are in the homestretch of summer vacation and the first day of school will be here before you know it! We will be mailing the registration packet along with class assignments, standardized test results, and the handbook for students and families in the next several days. There have been some important changes to the uniform policy, and I am including it below:


Families must purchase the proper uniforms from our supplier, Norman's Uniforms. Although they are not located in this area, Norman's brings inventory here for several weekends in August, at the beginning of School, and during the School year. They will also ship items to your door through phone orders (310-832-8342) and online orders ( the password is: 35525).

Per our new Uniform Code, the following colors will be allowed for wear during the 2017-2018 school year, but will no longer be permitted for the 2018-19 school year: Navy (tops or bottoms), pink (dress shirts, pinafores, and hair bows), light blue (dress shirts, pinafores, etc.). While we are shifting to new logos on the uniform items, old logos that say PV, PVS, Palm Valley School will still be allowed. Other changes below in footwear, hair accessories, etc. will be in effect this year, so please plan accordingly.

The student dress code contains options for all students to have "choice" in their uniform dress. As such, please refer to the lists below for the options available for your child, according to their grade level. Please note that the school requires students to have clothing for both "formal" and "casual" dress events and may require specific items for use at particular events and special occasions.

  • Tops: • White Polo (Preschool,  Lower School, and up)
  • Grey Polo (Preschool, Lower School, and up)
  • Red Polo (Middle School and up)
  • Black Polo (Upper School only)
  • White Oxford Dress Shirt with Firebird Logo (required item for all students, Formal Dress)*
  • White Peter Pan top (option for formal dress in First to Fourth grades, no tie required, worn with plaid jumper, option for Formal Dress)*
  • Red Polo Dress (Preschool and Kindergarten only, option for Formal Dress)* Bottoms: • Khaki Shorts (all grades)
  • Black Shorts (all grades)
  • Khaki Pants (all grades)
  • Black Pants (all grades, option for Formal Dress)*
  • Khaki Skirt/Skort (all grades)
  • Black Skirt/Skort (all grades, option for Formal Dress with Oxford Shirt and Neckwear)*
  • PVS Red Plaid Skirt (Fifth Grade and up, worn with Oxford Shirt and Tie, option for Formal Dress)*
  • Grey Pinstripe Shorts (Fifth Grade and up)
  • PVS Red Plaid Jumper (First to Fourth Grades, worn with Peter Pan blouse and no tie, option for Formal Dress)* Neckwear: • Cross Neck Tie (Norman's)
  • Plaid Long Tie (Norman's)
  • Solid Red or Black Bow Tie
  • Solid Red or Black Long Tie
  • Spirit Store PVS Spirit Long or Bow Tie

•PVS Senior Tie (Seniors only)Formal Dress Code: For special field trips, student performances, awards assemblies, athletic game days, and other designated events - students will be required to wear "Formal Dress." This differs from our everyday dress code where any of the above items, in combination can be worn. For "Formal Dress" students are required to have (from Norman's Uniforms) a white PVS Oxford Dress Shirt paired with one of the options for Formal Dress bottoms listed above. With the exception of Preschool, on Formal Dress Days, students MUST wear appropriate neckwear with their White Oxford Shirts. Faculty and Division Heads may also require specific items for certain events (black pants only, etc.), so please make sure that you know which items will need to be purchased and worn for all occasions.

Outerwear: In colder weather, or for more formal uniformed events, students may choose to wear a PVS blazer, V or crew neck sweater, cardigan, fleece, jacket, or sweatshirt. These should be purchased from Norman's Uniforms or the Firebirds Spirit Store only. Official PVS Letterman's Jackets may also be worn. Outerwear other than listed above is not permitted.

Shoes, Socks, leggings, and Belts: Shoes should be safe and practical for a variety of daily activities, and look appropriate to the uniform that is required. Leather dress shoes, closed-toe sandals or flats, tennis shoes/sneakers (with socks) may be worn. Your shoes should aim to be as close to a single solid color as possible, be unobtrusive in appearance, and lack unusually bright colors. No "Jellies," open backed shoes, high heels, dress boots, or shoes with wheels and/or excessive embellishments (including glitter or light up features) are allowed. Exceptions will be made for formal dress events and special occasions, but seek your Division Head's guidance first for approval. Administration reserves the right to deem items inappropriate and ask students to change or remove them if they do not meet this policy.

Socks and or Leggings may be worn as appropriate to weather and choice of footwear in the following solid (without embellishments, pattern, or visible logos, etc.) colors only: white, black, tan, brown, gray, or red. Black belts (only) should be worn with formal dress black pants when appropriate.

You may purchase these items from the website listed above or by visiting Norman's Uniforms (located in the Costco Shopping Center next to Ethan Allen off Monterey Ave. & Dinah Shore) August 10, 12, 17, 18, 24, 25.

Enjoy the rest of the break. I look forward to seeing you on August 30 (August 29 for new students).


Mrs. Fisher