Hot Lunch Program, Message from the Head of School

Dear Families,

As part of our Family Satisfaction Survey last year, we asked for feedback about the Hot Lunch program. While being able to meet every student's and family's specific needs and desires in a lunch program is a near impossible order, we have done our best to revamp the existing program to align with what families in the survey requested. We researched the best Health and Wellness practices of our peer schools that had lunch programs on their campus, provided by outside vendors. We sought out the input of a nutritional expert. We put together a committee that consisted of Administration and Parents this summer to look at ways that we could offer more healthy alternatives, choice, and options, and still make it affordable for our vendor to produce and for families to purchase.

Mrs. Margi Briggs, who has a certification in Nutrition and Wellness, chaired our committee, along with Mrs. Rice, Mrs. Romo, and Mrs. Wiseley. We sat together several times to discuss what changes we wanted to see in consultation with the survey results, and eventually sat with our lunch vendor and went through some changes and menu alterations. Also, with our Preschool being NAP-SACC certified, we began using The Slice for our FridayPizza vendor in the Preschool as they were able to create a more healthy option for students, including whole wheat dough and veggie options. As that was very successful last year, we will now be having The Slice Pizza for Pizza Fridays! Additionally, our Hot Lunch Vendor on Monday-Thursday will offer organic chicken, leaner meat options, more whole grains and a few vegetarian options. There will be less fat, fewer additives, and more nutrition coming your way!

This is from Margi Briggs regarding the thought behind the new changes: "Healthy food, physical activity, and plenty of rest are three of the most important components of Wellness! Wellness contributes greatly to higher levels of motivation and a greater capacity to learn." We couldn't agree more and hope that these changes will satisfy most, if not all our students and families who utilize the lunch program.

We will also be making ongoing assessments of the lunch program and our efforts in the area of Health and Wellness. If you would like to join our committee or have any feedback about the changes to the lunch program, please feel free to reach out to me.

Below, please find the new lunch session order form - these are due back to the school by 9/14.

LS Hot Lunch Form
MS/US Hot Lunch Form 


Susan Rice
Head of School