The goal of Palm Valley School is to provide every student with the opportunity to eventually meet the acceptance criteria of high level four-year colleges. For this reason, our curriculum is driven towards the college-preparatory level, and our requirements for graduation are higher than the state requirements. We expect our students to be qualified, competitive college applicants at the end of their secondary school journey. Additionally, our hope is that all our students are able to develop other skills, outside of their academic work, that make them model citizens in our Global society as well as generous, kind, and caring individuals who are successful in their relationships, professional pursuits, and can contribute positively to the world at large. We serve a variety of students at Palm Valley School and we constantly strive to meet every student where they are, ensure that they are adequately challenged in by a rigorous academic curriculum, and that they also learn to be joyful, respectful, strong, responsible, and humble individuals.