Read About Our Palm Valley Families' Experience

“Palm Valley has been amazing for my children, one already off at College at USC. Many thanks to the fantastic, dedicated, teachers who are always looking out for the success of the students.” -Lindsay Kaufmann, Parent

“This is a Wonderful School. All three of my Grandchildren go here. They are getting a great education and learning about others as well as themselves. Teachers are innovative and can turn any situation into a learning situation. They are willing to spend individual time with each student and the small classes enhance the learning situation. Children make good friends with other students and have time to really interact will all from Teachers to Students to Administration. When children graduate from here they know they are loved and appreciated. The world is their oyster.”  -Ann Lewin, Grandparent

“When we were researching schools in the Coachella Valley, we wanted an Independent School that had a high standard of academics but where our children felt loved, supported and nurtured. We found it at PVS! Our children have been attending this school for 8 years and we are so grateful to the school and its community. Our kids jump out of bed every morning ready to start their days knowing they will be with their amazing teachers and friends.” -Laura Neil, Parent

“My two children have been attending PVS since preschool and are currently in the Lower School; we have been attending this school for six years. The past six years have been fantastic. We moved to the Valley from the Boston area and wanted a school that mirrored our East Coast values and have found that and more at PVS. We love the small class sizes, the specialized attention, challenging curriculum and forward-thinking teachers and administrators. My children love the Smart Lab, technology classes, art and physical education and most importantly love their teachers and fellow students. PVS has done a wonderful job instilling confidence in my children while encouraging them to challenge themselves. I encourage anyone who is looking for a PS-12 school to check out Palm Valley.” -Sarah Habibipour, Parent

“An oasis in the California Low Desert, Palm Valley is a pristine, beautiful campus set on high ground covering 35 acres with the best views in town. The facilities are top-notch with school buildings for each age group, a gymnasium, many sporting fields, and excellent security. The school is administered in a very methodical manner with tight controls on scheduling, assemblies, events, and celebrations. The academic staff are a well-coordinated, cohesive team. Student instruction flows seamlessly from one subject to the next, one teacher to the next, one room to the next. Weekly performance reports are very thorough and clear. Parents are guided in how to assist their children with homework. The day is orchestrated brilliantly.” -Gus G. Widmayer, Parent