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The objective of a uniform and dress code is to eliminate issues of clothing from the social and disciplinary agenda and to allow students to concentrate on matters of greater relevance. Hence, we do not plan to argue over uniforms with students. It is a requirement for attending the School, plain and simple.

Families must purchase the proper uniforms from our supplier, Norman’s Uniforms. Although they are not located in this area, Norman’s brings inventory here for several weekends at the end of summer, at the beginning of School, and during the School year. They will also ship items to your door through phone orders (310-832-8342) and online orders at The online password for our school is: 35525

Students are expected to be neatly groomed and to wear the prescribed uniform dress at School. Parents are asked to help in carrying out this policy by seeing their children are properly attired when they leave home each morning. If you question that their daily attire may violate policy, send them with clothing that you know will be acceptable so they may change if cited. All students (P-12) are allowed to wear PVS spirit shirts on Fridays, as long as they have been purchased through the Firebird Spirit Store, with the school uniform shorts, pants, skirts or shorts. All items of clothing should be labeled with their owner’s name. Lost articles are kept in the office area, and those that remain unclaimed are periodically disposed of.

Official Handbook for Students and Families

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For the Preschool Handbook and required forms, please visit our Preschool page.


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