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Announcement notes from the Head of School

Announcements from Head of School, 5/23

The Smile Behind the Mask!! Dear Palm Valley Parents and Families, This will be my final eblast of the school year. As difficult and challenging that this school year has been, it has been rewarding and encouraging as well. As a school community, we demonstrated both resilience and collaboration…. Partnering to maintain our focus on educating your…
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Announcements from Head of School, 5/9

Dear Palm Valley Parents and Families, Allow me to begin by wishing all of you moms a Happy Mother’s Day! Moms are so special. While they deserve more than just a single day (How about Happy Mothers Month?!) it is nice that there is a day set aside to remember how special moms are. I hope that…
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Announcements from Head of School, 4/25

Dear Palm Valley Parents and Families, Good Sunday evening! I hope that you were able to join us last weekend at the Drive-In movies! I must admit that Aladdin is one of my favorites…. But what stole the evening for me was seeing all of our Firebird kids running around and having fun. What a great night! Thanks again…
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Announcements from Head of School, 4/11

Dear Palm Valley Parents and Families, I hope that you all enjoyed your Spring Break and it was a time for renewal and recharge. We can now focus on the remaining 7 weeks of the school year! It was so wonderful to see so many of you at the Firebird Oasis “Un-Gala” on March 27th. It was…
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