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Announcement notes from the Head of School

Announcements from Head of School, 5/9

Dear Palm Valley Parents and Families, Allow me to begin by wishing all of you moms a Happy Mother’s Day! Moms are so special. While they deserve more than just a single day (How about Happy Mothers Month?!) it is nice that there is a day set aside to remember how special moms are. I hope that…
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Announcements from Head of School, 4/25

Dear Palm Valley Parents and Families, Good Sunday evening! I hope that you were able to join us last weekend at the Drive-In movies! I must admit that Aladdin is one of my favorites…. But what stole the evening for me was seeing all of our Firebird kids running around and having fun. What a great night! Thanks again…
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Announcements from Head of School, 4/11

Dear Palm Valley Parents and Families, I hope that you all enjoyed your Spring Break and it was a time for renewal and recharge. We can now focus on the remaining 7 weeks of the school year! It was so wonderful to see so many of you at the Firebird Oasis “Un-Gala” on March 27th. It was…
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Announcements from Head of School, 3/21

Dear Palm Valley Parents and Families, A year ago, our lives were forever altered by the disruptive COVID-19 virus. While there have been many challenges presented to us in the last 12 months, I am proud of our Firebird Family. I am proud of our teachers and staff who have persevered to meet complex challenges…
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