Coaching Staff

Fall Sports and Coaches

  • US Cross Country Coach - Eduardo Herrada
  • MS Cross Country Coach - Timothy Rice
  • MS Flag Football Coach - Richard Zinman
  • US Volleyball Girls Coach - Taylor Adair
  • US Volleyball Boys Coach - Dawn O'Malley
  • MS Volleyball Red Team Girls Coach - Alex Kisling
  • MS Volleyball Black Team Girls Coach - Grant Kisling

Winter Sports and Coaches

  • US Basketball Girls Coach - Richard Zinman
  • US Basketball Boys Head Coach - Jon Toro
  • US Basketball Boys Asst. Coach - Patrick and Christian Toro
  • MS Basketball Boys Red Team Coach - Melvin Jenkins
  • MS Basketball Boys Black Team Coach - Eduardo Herrada
  • MS Basketball Girls Coach - Mindy McEachran
  • US Soccer (CO-ED) Head Coach - Andrew Laule
  • US Soccer (CO-ED) Asst. Coach - Wilton Zuniga

Spring Sports and Coaches

  • MS Soccer (CO-ED) Coach - Andrew Laule
  • US Golf (CO-ED) Coach - Jack Makkai

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