On behalf of Mrs. Rice, 12/13

Dear Palm Valley Families,

We have been made aware that other private schools in the valley have received a bomb threat and are currently evacuating students. The news is reporting that this was a mass email sent to several businesses and religious schools in our area. Palm Valley School has not received any such message. However, I wanted to reach our and reassure you that our campus is not on lockdown, but is secure, and we are not evacuating students. We have, as a precaution of this news, taken a physical and visual survey of the campus grounds on foot, as well as the surrounding perimeter, and we will continue to monitor and supervise students and any unusual visitors per standard operations. We are sending warm thoughts and wishes to the students, faculty and families who are affected by the threats of violence today - their safety, as well as that of our own personnel and student bodies, are on our minds today.
To reiterate, your children are safe and the campus is secure. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or anyone on staff here to assist you.
Susan Rice
Head of School