Monday Notes from the Head of School, 2/5

"Most good relationships are built on mutual trust and respect." -Mona Sutphen

Dear Palm Valley Families,

The weather is starting to grow warmer as we slide into the spring and eventually, the summer! As we enter into February, there is much happening on our campus. Many of those happenings are the same as they always are - student activities, classes in session, events that come and go. However, as you attend and send your students to those activities, I want to encourage each of you to stop and remember why you are part of this community and what your role as a family is on our campus. The quote above was chosen this week intentionally, as "trust and respect" is a key element to the work that we do here with students and families. Often, whenever difficulties are encountered with students, faculty, or families for whatever reason - what I find that we should always be able to rely on is mutual trust and respect. When people behave badly in the workplace or in the political or even social landscape, I find it's because they are reacting without those two values in place. When children don't want to follow rules or when they push boundaries beyond what's normal and expected - they often do not feel that adults hold them in mutual trust and respect. One of the key elements in our community is the partnership between the school and the family at home, and that relationship has to hold that mutual trust and respect as paramount to how we interact and communicate with one another in the best interest of the students we are partnered to serve. That is a basic expectation for every adult and student on this campus in how they interact with one another. To compromise that is not acceptable. We may disagree, but if we cannot do that with mutual trust and respect, then what do we have? I hope that I can always count on each and every one of our families to always hold strong to that in every interaction with faculty, with one another, and with the school in general. It's one of the things that sets our school apart from so many other places. I am grateful for that trust and respect from our Firebird families! Thank you!

Our Annual Gala is well underway and we are nearly sold out. We have a few seats left, so if you have not yet purchased your tickets or been invited to sit at a table someone purchased, please visit our page here to get your seats. A reminder that the "martini lounge after party" experience is not included in a regular ticket or table price, so please plan to join us after the Dinner and Auction for drinks, special lights, and a DJ to dance the night away after the Gala ends! This should be an incredible event that you do not want to miss! However, if you aren't able to attend next Saturday - fear not! You can still support our school and score some incredible deals and great items through our Online Auction found HERE! There is a little of everything there from great vacation packages to jewelry, student art and one of a kind experiences for your student with some faculty fun packages! Please take a look and bid on what you are interested in! Join us in raising funds for our incredible school - we are grateful for your support in this way. Every bid and dollar makes a difference in the life of our school, students, and programs.

Make it a great week, Firebirds!


Susan Rice
Head of School