Monday Notes from the Head of School, 2/12

"The Greatness of any community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." - Coretta Scott King

Dear Families,

I am overwhelmed today with the spirit and support of our Palm Valley community. The Gala is always such a tremendous event and despite the months and months of preparations - it's over in the blink of an eye. This weekend's Gala was filled with so much warmth, support, and generosity that I am starting this Monday with my heart filled with gratitude and thanks. From the incredible Gala committee who tirelessly worked for months and met weekly to prepare all the details, to the Faculty and Staff who donated their time and efforts and spent all of Saturday prepping on site, to the incredibly generous and supportive families and friends who attended the event and ensured that we sold everything and gave generously to support our students while having a fabulous time!

A special thanks to our committee: Michael Monroe, Miguel Gomez, Mary Gray, Audrey Kassinove, Eve Fromberg, Courtney Fisher, Jodi Wiseley, Tim Jochen, and Bryan Jensen for all their work and dedication to making this a great event. It truly takes a village to accomplish something like this. I also want to thank our table sponsors, our underwriters, advertisers, donors, bidders, and anyone who donated goods or services to auction off!

However, our work for this year's Gala is not yet done! We did not have a Silent Auction this year and instead need your help to raise that money through our online auction found at There are many of the annual items that you know and love (including handmade art from our students to cherish forever, a year of personal and reserved parking spaces, VIP reserved front row seating for our large school events, some new fun school offerings (like buying out our Marquee sign for a day to run a Birthday or Graduation message for your student), as well as community donations large and small (including jewelry, great trips, gift certificates and more), as well as Faculty Fun offerings for unique experiences for your student and their friends. Please help us to reach our overall goal for this year's Gala by taking a look and bidding this week. If you know of other people who want to support your child (Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, Friends), our Online Auction through BiddingForGood is an open marketplace - meaning anyone from anywhere in the world can bid and we will ship/notify them of their winnings!

Please take a moment to log on and bid today and send this link to others to help us reach our goal! We want everything to sell!

Remember that every little bit really does help our school and we really do need YOU to help us in this way! Thank you for considering and supporting!

Susan Rice
Head of School