Announcements from Head of School, 5/9

Dear Palm Valley Parents and Families,

Allow me to begin by wishing all of you moms a Happy Mother’s Day! Moms are so special. While they deserve more than just a single day (How about Happy Mothers Month?!) it is nice that there is a day set aside to remember how special moms are. I hope that you are pampered and cared for in a very memorable way today!

I also wanted to thank the Parents Association on behalf of our faculty and staff. Last week’s Teacher Appreciation Week was the best ever! This has been such a trying year in so many ways..... but last week was especially impactful for our staff and teachers. The thoughtfulness and breadth of the support was especially noticed. "A little something every day" went a long way. Thank you for your support, care, and acknowledgement for all of our wonderful teachers and staff members!

We have about four weeks left of school and are pleased to see that the effects of the coronavirus are waning. Some of you have inquired about loosening our defensive protocols on campus. We have decided to maintain our regular COVID routines through the end of the year just to keep the same routines. Our students do best with expected routines and structure.

While we are working hard on the many end of the school year events, we are also very excited about what’s in store for next year. We have plans to upgrade and enhance our sports offerings – some of which will begin in the summer – and return to offering multiple extra-curricular activities like after school clubs and learning opportunities. We are building many relationships with local organizations that will connect our students and campus to the Coachella Valley in a greater way.

This month, we will begin working on class schedules and staffing assignments for next year. There has been a strong increase in enrollment with some of our grades already nearing capacity. Look for an improved summer mailer in July that will utilize Docusign technology to streamline and organize the ubiquitous paperwork that comes with the start of a new school year. That is just one example of the improved technology systems that we will using in the future.

Hasn’t it been fun to see the kids joining me on Friday mornings? So nice to have some younger company to welcome you back to campus and to kick off the Friday morning! Unfortunately, I will not be out there this Friday (For the first time this year!!). I will be busy preparing for a family wedding the next day, so I won’t be on campus to welcome you. I will miss seeing you all, waving, and hearing the responsive honking, but will return to my Friday morning post next week!

The return of the heat signifies that we are entering the summer months and that the school year is winding down. Encourage your student to finish strong! I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming end of the year events.

Until then,
Dr. Steven Sherman

Head of School