Announcements from Head of School, 2/21

Dear Palm Valley Parents and Families,

Welcome back to school! It is my hope that you have enjoyed the weeklong mid-winter break. I was so pleased to see many of you at the Living Desert last Thursday. The giraffes were simply amazing! I also enjoyed sharing important news about re-enrollment with many of you during our virtual ZOOM held before the break. If you missed it and would like to view it, please request a recording from Abby Sturgeon. Re-enrollment contracts for the upcoming 2021 – 2022 school year were sent out last week along with a school calendar for your planning purposes. Please let Abby or I know if you have any questions about the financial aid or re-enrollment process.

Even though the COVID-related numbers have improved significantly, our school policies regarding travel are still being adhered to. We ask that you let us know if you will be traveling out of state or out of the country. Most likely, travel within the United States will not require any quarantining. However, depending upon location, travel outside of the United States will most likely result in a 2 week quarantine for your children. We are continuing to follow the CDPH and Riverside County recommendations regarding travel. I will let you know if and when these quarantine rules change.

It promises to be a busy week. I am looking forward to seeing your children again on campus! I am also excited about the Virtual Charcuterie class put on by our Parents Association on Saturday evening. (And yes, I had to look up how to spell charcuterie!!) I admit to being a bit out of my comfort zone with this....but am looking forward to learning with the rest of you.

Have a great week. We continue to appreciate and value your trust and partnership….

Dr. Steven Sherman
Head of School