Announcements from Head of School, 11/15

Good evening, Palm Valley School Community.

It was another eventful week at Palm Valley School! It started off with a fun drive-in movie event on Saturday night. Special thanks to Briana Jordan, Roger Snoble, and Theresa Hall for their support and generosity. It was our first real community-wide event done in a pandemic and it was a lot of fun! We hosted a High School Information Night on Thursday evening for our middle school students to help them transition to their high school years. Student and teacher panels provided significant and authentic reflections on the High School experience here at Palm Valley. Our week ended with a Preschool Fall Festival yesterday that was limited in size, but not fun! 

Ahead of us is our final week of school before a well-deserved weeklong Thanksgiving vacation. We hope that this time allows for some rest and relaxation. However, as we enter the holiday season in earnest, we ask that you be careful and use caution when considering holiday plans with family and friends. Our COVID-related numbers in California and the rest of the United States are increasing at an alarming rate. It is paramount that mask-wearing, social distancing, and hand-washing be maintained – even when off of campus. Officials are encouraging us to “stay close to home and avoid unnecessary travel”. You can read more information about the advisory that was just sent out on Friday here:

It is true that we are living in unique times and that no one knew that COVID would be with us for so many months. I remain proud of our commitment to educating and nurturing our students during this challenging time. Our teachers continue to serve you and your children with tireless enthusiasm. 

Thank you for the continued trust that you place in us to educate and care for your children. Have a wonderful week…. 


Dr. Steven Sherman
Head of School