Announcement from Head of School, 6/16

Dear Palm Valley Community,

During this time of racial tensions, uncertainty, and global health concerns, it is easy to overlook the impact that recent events have had upon our children. As we each wrestle with the disruptive changes and the absence of stability that have occurred over the past few weeks, it is important that we consider the effect upon our children. While children and young adults tend to be more resilient overall and adapt to environmental changes more readily than adults, we cannot ignore their continued need for stability, routine, and loving care. Though they sometimes have difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings verbally, I would encourage all parents to have age appropriate conversation with their kids. 

The experts say engaging in difficult conversations with your child must include parents actively listening and helping their child navigate through their feelings at an age appropriate level. Not telling them how to feel, but helping them sort through their thoughts. Parents that are not comfortable with having these conversations with their children can find resources with their pediatric care provider or I have provided some links below:

At Palm Valley, we want to be mindful of all aspects of your child’s health and well-being. That includes not only campus-wide physical changes in light of the COVID 19 virus, but also the maintenance of a healthy mental state for our students amidst a rapidly-changing environment. Having healthy, age-appropriate conversations with your children now can go a long way in that regard. As a school, we are planning on utilizing student mindfulness and activities that promote good mental health in the fall as part of our overall instructional program.

This week, we will begin to build schedules and classes in preparation for the start of school on campus this August. Though it seems like it is far away, there is much work to do and August 26th will be here before we know it! My next eblast will be just prior to the 4th of July holiday weekend. Until then, be safe and healthy.

As always, I remain available to connect via email (, phone or if you’d like, feel free to schedule a “socially distanced” meeting by contacting Sarai Jimenez (


Dr. Steven Sherman
Head of School