Happy Valentine’s Day: A PVS Alumni Love Story

Nick Talboys '06 and Shay Downey '08 met at Palm Valley School (formerly Marywood-Palm Valley School) in September of 2005. Nick, a senior and Shay, a sophomore.

Last year, Nick & Shay married surrounded by loved ones, many of whom were also MWPV alumni. Nick wrote Shay a poem on their wedding day detailing their love story, from "Cross-Country Mornings and Winter Formals;" to "Lunchtime Friendships and Thai food Valentine's Day first dates," and in honor of this Valentine's Day, we're excited to share with you their high school sweetheart story - all starting here at PVS.

Shay & Nick on their wedding day in April 2017.

PVS Alumni in attendance at Nick & Shay's wedding.

The following is an edited version of the poem written by Nick and presented to Shay and their wedding guests as their love story in 2017:

“Cross-Country Mornings and
Winter Formals;
Lunchtime Friendships and
Thai food Valentine’s Day first dates!
Graduation broods,
Summer beckons.
Promises are made;
two paths diverge,
one heading toward Westwood and one remaining in the Desert…”

Nick Talboys, MWPV '06 & his middle school best friend, Marc Pardy, MWPV '06.

PVS Alumni in attendance at Nick & Shay's wedding.

Two Lovers, Separate Worlds;
It is Spring in 2007 and
the Wild World of Westwood is
unfurling before impressionable eyes.
The wonders of University and
the thrills of Adulthood,
yet also the Bittersweet
Fruit of Separation.
Long Nights on the Phone,
Long Drives to Go Home,
Home, of course, being wherever the Heart is…” 

Now the Fall of 2008,
Two Worlds Re-Unite!
UCLA Football Saturdays,
Sorority Shenanigans,
Malibu Memories.”
“It is 2011 and the West Coast Winter
is abandoned for the Endless Summer
of the little island nation
of New Zealand,
where new Study-Abroad adventures await
and Kiwi Hospitality is a thing
to behold with a sense of humor and a strong cocktail.”

Now back home,
to the Golden State...
to Graduation...
to Infiniti and Beyond!
Hurry up and toss those Hats
in the air Graduates,
the Real Adventure is about to begin!”
“2012 is drawing to a close
Wild Westwood becomes a fixture
in the Rearview Mirror,
'Is it the Weekend?'
becomes the Mantra
of the Working (Wo)Man;
Yet some Security as well
in Blossoming Self-Reliance.
But Once Again,
Distance Separates Two Hearts;
and over the Years the Hurt
grows More not Less…"

“Even amidst the many blessings
of Career and Family and Friendship.
What of this... 
Evermore Mercurial Future?
What of this Thing Called Life?
With the Twists and Turns,
Music and Cacophony,
Celebration and Melancholy,
Late Night Arguments,
Morning Epiphanies…"

“On a Sunny Sunday Morning
in February of 2015,
one such epiphany provides clarity,
inspired by the unseasonably
Hot Malibu Sun and the
Endless Vista of the Pacific Horizon.
Surprises, Arrangements,
Whispers of Engagements...
A New Excitement emerges,
Faith in the Future is Restored.”

“And what is this 'Next Step?'
Always elusive,
Always obscured,
Always capricious, yet...
Always right in front of Us.
Still Hand in Hand,
Still Two Kids in the Sand,
We take the Next Step Together,
Talboys and Forever.”

Shay and Nick currently live on the island of Maui in Hawai’i where they can be found hiking, surfing, and enjoying the ocean. This Valentine's Day they have reservations at their favorite Thai restaurant.

Happy Valentine's Day!