Affording Palm Valley

While there are many educational options for families in the Coachella Valley, making the choice to enroll your child(ren) in an Independent School is an investment in their growth, success, and future. By investing in a Palm Valley School education you are ensuring that your child(ren) receive the individual attention they need, the relationships with adults and peers to propel them forward, and the excellent instruction they need to excel in their academic, artistic, and athletic endeavors for success into College and beyond. Our goal is to ensure that a Palm Valley education is financially accessible to any student and family who is qualified for Admission.

Moderated Tuition

Palm Valley School seeks to attract highly-qualified students and supportive families to join our school community. We are committed to ensuring that any child who qualifies for admission not be denied the opportunity to attend our school due to demonstrated financial need.

To the end, the Palm Valley School awards $1 Million annually to qualified students who wish to attend our school. We employ the Moderated Tuition model for all students who apply and qualify. Students with demonstrated financial need pay a tuition price that fits your family's ability to pay. 25-30% of our current student body receive Moderated Tuition in some form. Additionally, we offer a variety of financed payment plans to accommodate families who wish to make monthly payments over a 10 month period.

Families wishing to apply for Moderated Tuition should visit the NAIS School and Student Services (SSS) to fill out the application Inquiries concerning the Moderated Tuition can be addressed to the Admission Office by calling 760-328-0861 or sending an email to our Business Office.

Full Tuition and Fees for 2020-21

Half Day (20 hrs/week, school year only) $12,246
Full Day (40 hrs/week, school year only) $13,925

Half Day (20 hrs/week, school year only) $9,197
Full Day (40 hrs/week, school year only) $10,454

Kindergarten: $14,167

Grades 1-5: $16,711

Grades 6-12: $20,269

Deposit: A deposit of $1,000 is required to reserve your space in the class.
The obligation to pay tuition is unconditional and there is no allowance or reduction because of absence, withdrawal, suspension or dismissal of the student.

New Family Fee: If you are a new family to the school, there is a $1,000 new family fee.

Other Expenses
Books, Materials, and Activities Fees:
Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten $500
Grades K-5 $845
Grades 6-12 $1,095

This includes for students such items as, but not limited to: student handbooks, textbooks, consumable texts, and classroom supplies, academic awards and ceremonies, physical education and athletic programs, lab fees, special assemblies, music/drama/art supplies, and classroom parties.

Technology Fees (All Grades): $350

Uniforms:  Families must purchase the required items of uniform dress for all grades.

Hot Lunch Program: Catered hot lunches, which are optional and pre-ordered, will be available on designated days each week at an additional cost.

Amount financed at a 10% rate over ten installments (June – March)

International Students

Please note that tuition information above is for domestic students only. International students do not qualify for Moderated Tuition and should call our offices for more information or check with the organization that coordinates students from their country. Most placement agencies collect tuition and fees directly and arrangements are not made through the School. Students from China, Korea, and Japan must use Cambridge exclusively for application to Palm Valley School. inquiry-option-2/